In this magazine we take you on an inspirational journey along all of our theme lines. While on tour, pas- sing various cities, we will be looking for the best Street food . Turning south, we arrive in Mediterranean ambiances with the most delicious Antipasti . Enjoying the typical Italian products while looking over a sunlit landscape of cypresses. The tapas dishes will be extensively described in Bohemian Living . In the context of #DOESLIEF (LETSBNICE) we are keen to give stylish BestWishes compliments. In an extravagant interior with soft velvet, marble, subtle animal prints and brass, we relish pure luxury. Prefer something less colourful? Then opt for Black &White , staring at photographs that are raised to art. 2019’s theme is art in fact. This year is about Rembrandt and his most famous masterpiece , the Night watch. Would you rather have something more common, more down to earth? Mwah will inspire you with textual weathered partners that go to the very heart of the matter, make you put things in perspective and put a smile on your face. Someone who is also rather down to earth with Rotterdam-roots, Herman den Blijker . He sim- ply loves good food, which is reflected in his dishes. The passion for great food can also be tasted at Winter Moments by Pauline of ‘ From Pauline’s kitchen’. Experience wonderful, cosy Winter Moments and enjoy the most delicious products, together with her. We keep visiting the winter ambiance, because the actual contrast of Fire & Frost is drawing our attention. Outside in the freezing snow you chop wood for a warm crackling fire. Rest is sweet after the work is done , because after a hard day’s work there’s nothing nicer than doing things you like and grab a beer with some friends. In this fast-paced world in which we are online all the time, it would be a good idea to go offline every now and then and really reserve Time for Each Other . Some good conversation or play- ing a game. As long as it is done together. And together we will celebrate the end of 2019 with a smashing New Year’s Eve party. 2020 , here we come! Tastemakers THE 3