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Our quest for quality

We make food special. That requires food products of high quality which are sustainably produced. That is why our brand selection is carefully composed. Discover below which brands we work with!

Brands brochure '23

Tony’s Chocolonely

Together we make 100% slave-free the standard in chocolate. Not just in Tony's chocolate, no, all chocolate worldwide. To make this happen, Tony's Chocolonely has created a roadmap. These are the long-term goals in which Tony's takes steps (big and small) every year.



From all over the world, LEEV introduces a complete range of raw products (wholefoods) of the very best quality. Together with more than 60.000 farmers, LEEV produces an unique, high-quality, tasty and of course 100% organic assortment.

LEEV takes care of its farmers and their living conditions together with a good price for their top products under fair conditions. LEEV wants to fulfill its promise and looks forward to build a fair and sustainable world together with you.

Happiness is Homemade

At HomeMade, they love quality time. Socialising with friends and family while enjoying a treat! With HomeMade you can make the most delicious cakes, pies, brownies, waffles and pancakes in no time. For the ultimate pleasure moments! Unleash your creativity and make a delicious spectacle in no time!


Bicro - Soups, sauces and dishes

Bicro in Edam has been preparing the most delicious soups, sauces, ragouts and dishes according to traditional and (inter)national recipes since 1923. With care, the natural ingredients are processed into tasty and honest products without artificial aromas, colourings and flavourings.


Roger & Roger 
- A famous name in snacks

Producer of Croky

Chips, tortillas or nachos. Roger & Roger love crispy crunchy snacks made from the best potatoes and fresh corn.

Since its start in 1999, the family-run crisps factory has grown into a resounding name in the international private-label market.

From Mouscron, they serve top-quality potato and corn snacks to customers in more than 20 countries.

- The Betuwe at its tastiest!

For more than 125 years, Geurts has been producing the tastiest jams with fruit of the highest quality. Thanks to the 35 million jars they make every year, people all over the world enjoy these delicious fruit products.